Tussah silk robe in 'Agua'
Tussah silk robe in 'Agua'
Tussah silk robe in 'Agua'
Tussah silk robe in 'Agua'

Tussah silk robe in 'Agua'

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Our raw Tussah silk robe features a more invigorating silk fabric. Similar to linen, it gets softer with each wash and wear. Designed to be versatile and for every day use. The neckline features a wide band and pockets for added comfort. 

Measurements with garment laying down: 33 in chest, 33 in shoulder-to-shoulder (there is no seam for sleeves), 33 in waist, 27 in length 

Notes on silk

Tussah silk is naturally a sustainable textile that is biodegradable, antimicrobrial and made from the cocoon of the silk caterpillar after it emerges from the cocoon. It is also known as Vegan or vegetarian silk. Originally created in India as an alternative to traditional silk. We honor the history and Indian farmers who continuously sustain and maintain the creation of Tussah silk for us to benefit from today.

Village spun and woven on small looms, this fabric is never perfectly regular. After washing it takes on a nubby texture. This texture invigorates the wearer with quite a different sensation than the typical smooth silk.

Notes on dyes

Our Agua robes are naturally dyed using fair trade Indus Valley Indigo from Sind, the oldest area of Indigo production in the world, going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. We make it using a vat and continuously ferment it with sugar and pickling lime. 


Made with raw Tussah silk
Indigo Vat dye
Handmade in Wisconsin
Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, lay flat to dry, warm iron as needed