Relaxation Sachet in Morado (large)

Relaxation Sachet in Morado (large)

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Large 3 x 8 in relaxation sachet filled with organic lavender. We use 100% 19mm Charmeuse silk and then botanically dye our material with cochineal and minerals.

About our materials and methods: Lavender is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a meditation tool, for rest, to relieve headaches and reduce stress. 

Cochineal is an ancient natural dye that originated in Mexico and South America. Due to colonization in the 16th century, cochineal was stolen and brought over to Europe. It then became as valuable as gold and was used as a method of trade. Deep reds and purples were very hard to create and were only available to the very wealthy. Fun Fact* The iconic red coats of the British army were originally dyed with cochineal! Prior to that, the deep reds and purples were extracted by killing thousands of shell fish, whereas, cochineal provides a very rich color using only a a couple of ground ounces, making it a very sustainable dye.

Cochineal is a scale insect that infests the prickly pear cactus. It is gathered after the insect completes its life cycle--no insect was harmed in the making of our cochineal. We then ground the insect to make a fine powder. Our cochineal is fairtrade and responsibly wild gathered by indigeneous people in the mountains of Peru. We care about how our materials are sourced.

Care: Our materials are handwashed several times in hypoallergenic clear soap, hung dry and then steamed before packaging. Shake your sachet or rub together to "awaken" the lavender.