Silk mask in 'Agua'
Silk mask in 'Agua'
Silk mask in 'Agua'

Silk mask in 'Agua'

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Handcrafted with 100% charmeuse 19 mm silk.  Soft elastic straps that go around the ear for comfort. There is an added pocket for a filter if preferred. 

Our charmeuse silk has over 400+ thread count and is then doubled for extra protection. Please note that we have one adult size that measures 8 in long and 5 in from top to bottom. Our masks are designed to fit most adult faces. Elastic can be tied to adjust size also.

Care: 100% Charmeuse silk. Handcrafted in Wisconsin. Machine or hand wash cold water, mild soap. Hang or machine dry.

Notes on silk

Silk is naturally a sustainable textile that is biodegradable, antimicrobial and tightly woven; making it one of the most strongest fibers in the world. Originally created in China, it continues to be one of their leading exports. We honor the history and Chinese farmers who continuously sustain and maintain the creation of silk for us to benefit from today.

Notes on dyes

Our Agua robes are naturally dyed using fair trade Indus Valley Indigo from Sind, the oldest area of Indigo production in the world, going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. We make it using a vat and continuously ferment it with sugar and pickling lime.