Agua + Oro Linen Robe
Agua + Oro Linen Robe
Agua + Oro Linen Robe

Agua + Oro Linen Robe

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Our linen robes are made using 100% linen. They are breathable and only get softer with ear + wash! This robe is one-of-a-kind and dyed with both turmeric and Indigo. 

Hand wash or gentle cycle. Hang dry. Warm Iron if needed.

Measurements with garment laying down: 33 in chest, 33 in shoulder-to-shoulder (there is no seam for sleeves), 33 in waist, 27 in length 

Notes on Indigo: Our Agua robes are naturally dyed using fair trade Indus Valley Indigo from Sind, the oldest area of Indigo production in the world, going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. We make it using a vat and continuously ferment it with sugar and pickling lime. 

Notes on Turmeric: Our Oro robes are naturally dyed using organic and locally grown turmeric (when possible) and minerals. Turmeric has been used for millenia by communities in India for wellness purposes. It is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-microbrial, helps aid in digestion and studied extensively for its pain reducing properties. 

At Vida Botanicals, we believe that these benefits are also available when used as a dye.

*Please note that these claims have not been tested by the FDA.